Meet Total Cat Move


No Cat Like A Crab Cat!

Some would argue that Total Cat Move was the brain-child of Smuckers aka Doug Prusoff.  After weeks of tweeting at Total Frat Move in attempts to get their attention, the eager Prusoff decided to put his energy elsewhere, and what place better than a site dedicated to the love and endearment of cats and their crazy cat antics?


Here Kitty Kitty

When Smuckers came to WhiskerJonez with his brilliant idea of a blog all about cats, WhiskerJonez aka Mike Schultes immediately wanted to be on board.  Although he hates cats in real life, he is a huge cat-joke enthusiast and thus an asset to the Total Cat Move team.  He along with Doug attend Lafayette College solely for the fact that they have a cat mascot and his twitter name is 5chultzyCat. TCM.

Meow Ming:

Lion Roar

Meow Ming aka Pat Merlie is a huge asset to the TCM crew both literally and figuratively.  He also hates cats in real life but loves the internet and the blogging lifestyle.  He enjoys cat naps, playing Sporcle quizzes about cats, and becomes ecstatic when cat “cat”egories pop up in Jeopardy.  Ladies and gentlemen meet Meow Ming.

Meow or Never!

Paws up, we were out of saucers

Meow or Never! aka Nick Mooney is a TCM kitty from the Loyola Maryland branch.  Despite being a Loyola Greyhound and loving his two beagles Lupe and Bailey, Nicktar is a huge influence in the Total Cat MOVEment.  His role models include Sassy from Homeward bound, Michael Vick, and Ken Jennings.  You can find Nick and fellow TCM member Bill Bradley strolling around Joyola’s campus with a carton of milk in one paw and a dead mouse in the other!  Meow!

You Gotta Be Kitten Me:

You Gotta Be Kitten Me a.k.a Bill Bradley a.k.a. Your Wifey’s Favorite Blogger a.k.s Robot Wizard a.k.a Dragon Boy, is a someone who we refer to in this business as “different.” Growing up as a Robot Wizard, he was unable to properly pet and hold cats with his robo-claws, thus creating an unavoidable curiosity in the curious creatures. This curiosity still possesses the man Time Magazine named, “The Most Influential Robot Wizard of the 20th Century.” Robot Wizard has a terrible lisp (A spokesperson for the National Lisp Society (NLS)) which is why he has always expressed himself through dance, not speech. If you are reading this and thinking, “You have got to be kitten me!” you are thinking correctly. Ladies and gentlemen You Gotta Be Kitten Me


Feeline Groovy:

Feeline Groovy a.k.a. Tim Delaney was raised by cats – literally. As a prepubescent, his parents took him to the Bronx Zoo one year for his birthday. Ever inquisitive, he leaned so far over the railing that he fell into the lion’s den, and his parents just left him there until he was 18. Well, curiosity didn’t kill this cat – it made him stronger. He currently runs the Washington, D.C. contingent of TCM from his dorm room, posting little quips on the site in between Call of Duty matches with German 8 year-olds. Though a proud Hoya, he also makes sure to kick the bulldog mascot in the jewels every time the two meet on campus, solely out of his loyalty to TCM. Perhaps his greatest flaw (besides caring too damn much) is his lactose intolerance – after a crazy night of pounding 2% milk shots, you can typically find him coughing up hair balls in the  courtyard. Feel free to say hello if you see him around – unless he’s busy making out with his girlfriend, Bitzie Pookums. One thing’s for sure – this cat lives each of his 9 lives to the fullest! (Photo coming soon).

Catfish Hunter:

“Catfish Hunter” a.k.a Jadams (sometimes referred to as Justin Adams) has been described as having an “underdog [sic] story” when it comes to relationships with cats. After being deathly allergic to cats as a homeschooled child, Catfish opened his doors to cats and society when he had his Sweet Sixteen at Chuck E. Cheese. With few attendees and a physical altercation between Catfish and Chuck E., the party was a blessing in disguise because it caused Catfish to hate mice and love anything involved with the annihilation of mice. The allergy still persisted, but the will to overcome it became the top priority.  Ever since, Catfish has been leaving behind a “Hansel and Gretel-like” trail of mousetraps and keeps a kilo of cheddar cheese on him at all times. Catfish’s journey has taken him to the “Dirty Lew” in Maine where he is an in-training Bobkitten.


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