By Catfish Hunter

Trying to get to TCM before blowing your load in happiness. TCM.

Finally making one of these useful



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2 responses to “By Catfish Hunter

  1. yeaaaDOGGY

    I would rather see the mouse live and a dead cat crudely fashioned around the computer mouse, even though that wouldn’t make sense. I just hate cats. In fact forget the mouse, just put the dead cat in a dumpster behind Wendy’s. See you around “pussies.”

  2. Pupperoni

    Finally making a mouse useful huh? When was the last time those narcissistic ingrates, you loving call cats did anything for anyone but themselves? Dogs protect their families and love their families; there’s a reason they are “man’s best friend” ya know. So while your feline is cleaning himself or getting high as a kite on cat knip, I’ll be sitting here with my best friend.

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